04 February 2012

Peace Cafe: Honolulu, Hawaii always has one Oil-Free Option!

Usually we hack together an oil-free dish at vegan restaurants, on this day we scored big! Other Oil-Free people have paved a nice way for us!  We really didn't expect the answer to our question to be met with such a relaxed affirmative, like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Lex:  "Can you recommend anything that would be easy for you to do without any oil?"  Peace Cafe: "The Morrocan Lentil is our Oil-Free dish today"  Lex: "Do you have a lot of people request oil-free"  Peace Cafe: "Yes we have a lot of Oil-Free customers that's why we always have at least one menu item that is prepared with no oil"
This Moroccan dish was so fantastic we went back two days in a row to have it!  On top are an assortment of pickles. 

Exterior shot, its easy to drive right past it, you need to have ESP and turn just before it so you can park for free in back!
Another photo of the Moroccan dish, brown rice, salad and pickles.
House made ice cream with berry sauce!
Zen interior, reclaimed lumber furnishings.  

Peace Cafe
2239 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96826-2346 
(808) 951-7555


quarrygirl said...

sad this isn't in LA! i'm gonna have to go drown my sorrow in an oil free chili mac at chili addiction. :O

Lex said...

you won't believe the food we found in hawaii! We were more bummed about leaving because of the food over the island paradise! I'm going to put it all together for our travel site vegantravelagent.com (got to come up with a new domain...)

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