10 February 2012

Roy's Hawaiian Restaurant

Rad watermelon sushi like salad MARINATED in citrus!

Many people lament that being vegan bars you from enjoying the tastes of other cultures.  Let me assure you that aside from Eskimo's all cultures ate mostly vegan until the Western World ruined them with processed foods and animal bits.

I had never heard of Roy's until my trip to Hawaii.  I was surprised to find out they have many locations around the USA.  I'm pretty sure most of them have vegan options. Although I am not sure if all of them have the Vegan Prix Fix Menu, but its worth asking and just showing them our blog post if not!

We dined at Roy's Waikiki, (state vegan & oil-free restriction with reservation).  Let me tell you, Roy's knows how to treat their guests.  They fold the napkin when you get up to use the bathroom, bombard your table with an army of servers, refilling your glass, whisking away plates, etc.    I've only encountered the same level of service at a Michelin Five Star restaurant in St. Louis.  We went for Kristin's Bday diner with our friends who happened to be a few hotels down from us??? what are the chances!?  They also chose the Vegan Prix Fix menu with wine pairing (though not vegans) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is $57 a person for the Vegan Prix Fix Menu, which included three wines and four dishes ($36 w/o wine) or you can order the dishes separately.  Since it was a celebration we went all out.

I could dish about how wonderful the service is at Roys, the waitress was wonderful at communicating with the kitchen and timing all the dishes to perfection.  They also brought out a special Happy Bday plate for Kristin!  Not even getting into the supreme quality of food, I could gush about how much I enjoyed Roys endlessly!  Now to the eats!

Check out this extremely rad watermelon salad!  WHAT?  Yep, those cubes are watermelon that has been MARINATED in citrus...  I could have lined up 100 of them and eaten them all they were so tasty.

For round two we had HOT hearts of palm.  Thinly shaved hearts of palm in a searing hot sauce made the speedy water refills all the more appreciated.

The main course were even HOTTER mushrooms w/ a side of Jasmine rice.

Dessert was a soy ice cream in ginger beer float!!!  AMAZING!

Roy's you won me over and knocked me out!  Everyone there deserves a pat on the back!

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