23 June 2012

Sharky's Woodfired Grills 20+ locations!

Its always good to come across a widely available healthy vegan option. We've been eating at Sharky's for over a year now and can't figure out why its taken us so long to share this quick, cheap, easy & delicious option with everyone. Sharky's gets bonus points for using organic produce, as well!   20+ LOCATIONS All throughout Southern California & one in Washington!

The Sharky's Healthy Vegan Oil-Free Steamed Broccoli Tacos!

How to order;
 3 California Chicken Tacos 3 No Chicken
 3 Sub for Corn Tortillas  3 ONLY Broccoli 3 ONLY lettuce 3 ONLY Tomatoes (you can add onion, too)
2 Add rice& beans (no cheese!)
Depending on who enters the order this should be about $10, but our totals vary widely.  We had 6 tacos + 2 sides of rice and beans yesterday for $15.

 notes: if you are getting it to go OPEN IT UP and make sure they didn't put cheese on your beans!

They have amazing salsa, you then just toss your beans and rice into the veggie tacos (you get two shells per taco, so you can make 6 out of three, too!)  Cover with various salsas from the salsa bar and its complete healthy vegan heaven!

1 comment:

Liz said...

I ordered this yesterday for lunch and it was perfection! It will definitely be making frequent appearances in my lunch plans.

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