02 July 2012

Pita Jungle, a healthy vegan oasis

We first discovered Pita Jungle on a road trip in Flagstaff Arizona where we stopped to fix a flat tire!  Now we have one in California, albeit on the other side of town in Pasadena.  We are members of Huntington Garden and took our family to see the surreal succulent garden over the holidays and stopped in old town Pasadena to fuel back up at the new Pita Jungle.

I tried a new dish, the Macro Plate, which was smashingly healthy!   Beans, steamed veg & rice, HUGE plate, enough for two!  Add hot sauce, soy sauce, sirracha to bang it up!

 The garden wrap!  Next time I'll ask for it w/o foil!  (haha in addition to no oil!)  Its probably easier on them to request steamed veggies, rice and beans in a wrap to avoid them getting sauteed by ordering this one.
 Healthy Vegan Jeanette enjoyed the 1000 beans (which is a bean pita pizza, my personal fav)
 Another pic of the Marco!  It was totally awesome.  Ask for it w/o Tofu, though! 
Let me add to how awesome Pita Jungle is in the way they handled the mix up in the Garden Wrap and made it with oil, we kindly requested a new one, not only did they make a new one, they didn't charge us for it and comped my meal, too!  That is INSANELY nice.  I tried to explain that was beyond what we needed and we love Pita Jungle and are just happy they are willing to make oil free items for us and we're sorry food was wasted.  They strive for perfection and customer satisfaction!  Rare GEM of a place!  For everyone who is stressed about asking for "no oil" go here!   

Dansk Kobenstyle Chili Red 6 Qt Casserole

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