08 August 2012

Pogue's Run Grocer & Deli Indianapolis

When we set out for Indianapolis, IN we knew we were looking at our most difficult challenges for healthy vegan eating.  I emailed the local Veg Society (who have Dr. McDougall featured promptly on their website) and they said they didn't know of any healthy eating in Indy!  Yikes!  Our first inclination for situations like this is to check if there are any Co-Ops/Natural Foods stores with deli's and we found Pogue's Run Grocer & Deli. 

Pogues Run Grocer
2828 E 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201

Veggie $4.99 (Vegetarian/Vegan) Your choice of cheese, vegan cheese or no cheese, lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and our house made sundried tomato hummus.

We ordered this minus the hummus and used a little mustard. 
I Pita The Fool!  $5.49 (Vegan) House roasted tempeh in a vegan house made curry sauce, with dried cranberries, spinach and cilantro wrapped in a wheat pita.

I ordered this with mustard instead of curry sauce and minus the tempeh, but for oil free eats it was pretty slim. 
While these aren't stellar examples of healthy food, when you put them in context of just being able to eat some organic veggies and not resort to anything horrid, its living. To make these better Whole Foods carries Oasis fat free spreads in the mid west, unfortunately Pogue's Run doesn't carry them.

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