10 January 2014

Best Vegan Honeymoon: Mayakoba in Riviera Maya Mexico

¡Hola! When we thought of our perfect vegan honeymoon destination, a tropical vegan paradise came to mind.. beachfront bungalows, secluded beaches, private infinity dipping pools and stellar healthy vegan food were all part of our check list.  Throw in white soft sandy beaches, warm bath like water, and BIKE RIDING everywhere and a vegan friendly international town next door with biomarkets and veg restaurants and you have paradise!!  The Riviera Maya tops the list in more ways that one!!!

We choose Riviera Maya because we wanted a Romantic beach honeymoon that was located next to a hip and walkable city, and Playa del Carmen has it all, plus mind blowing Mayan archeological sites. 
WHERE TO STAY:  Sure there are plenty of AMAZING resorts on the Riviera Maya but nothing compares to "Honeymoon" quality of the Rosewood Mayakoba!!  It's literally EVERYthing you could ever dream of wrapped in an ecological and environmentally conscious veg friendly 5 star package!

The beaches and pools Rosewood Mayakoba are perfection where you feel like a Mayan King & Queen.  There are ample water activities you can expect in any ocean front destination.
At the Rosewood they welcome you with your own bottle of Tequila and supply a bottomless bowl of fresh fruit that your room butler is all too happy to refresh with your favorite selection.

Mind the Coati (tropical raccoon)!  This mischievous little bandit only took moments to emerge when we plunged into our dipping pool!

Mayakoba- Actives & VEGAN EATS!
Get healthy bites to eat at Rosewood Mayakoba

Every restaurant at the Rosewood Mayakoba has a Vegan/Vegetarian menu .. they will accommodate to your dietary needs & desires.

Casa del Lago
Enjoy a plentiful Breakfast buffet every morning or order anything you'd like off the Vegan smoothie menu.  Various vegan milks are laid out for the cereal and there is a menu for additional goodies along with a mind blowing selection of tropical fruits.

Punta Bonita
The pool side lunch restaurant has a delightful vegan menu of more the traditional pool fare.  Our healthy steamed veggie black bean tacos hit the spot and kept our beach bodies in tact.
Casa del Lago
At night time Casa Del Lago reverts into a hip tropical jungle oasis with a top notch Vegan menu.  The dishes are inventive and the atmosphere has the aura of a James Bond film.

Agave Azul Sushi & Tequila Bar
A short stroll from the gift shop, hovering over the lagoon is Agave Azul,which boasts mind boggling Tequila selection all laid out and lit up in niches on the wall for you to browse while awaiting your table.  The fusion restaurant's boasts many made to order vegetable rolls, which are as intoxicating as the tequila.

Mayakoba on site tours

Mayakoba was constructed on a very fragile environmental treasure and the developers hired the top biologists, ecologists and geologists to balance the preservation and enjoyment of this oasis.

When you check in at the Rosewood you hop on a boat and down some fresh fruit and boat drinks for the sail to your room.  In addition to being the swankiest check-in process on the planet, the boats also serve The Nature Adventure, which is an hour-long eco tour guided by one of many Mayakoba biologists that takes guests through Mayakoba's pristine water canals.

Biking EVERYWHERE!-  Your room comes with bikes!  There is a wonderful bike trail that goes around the entire Mayakoba property and through the adjoining hotels and has fun stops along the way to stop and go in caves and chat with the on site biologists and learn more about the ecology.  What out for the "water dogs"! (=crocodiles)

Bat Caves on Nature Trail-  Biologist on site!

Instituto Nacional de Archeological: Tulum

A short drive down to Tulum in the morning brings you to an astonishing beach front Ancient Mayan walled city.  Its breath taking to imagine life during the heyday of this city.

 Bio-Natural - Swing by Bio-Natural in Playa del Carmen for a quick bite and load up on tons on Healthy Vegan packaged treats!  

Instituto Nacional de Archeological: Coba

I longer drive into the jungle results in one of the best end of the road paydays in Mexico...  a pyramid that you can climb!  Rent bikes at the head of the trail to take you there and do not go hung over or the climb will no be pleasant!

On your way back stop at  Green 373- in Playa Del Carmen.  This place is AMAZING!!  So many Healthy Oil-Free items to choose from, the owner will do anything to accommodate your needs :) 

Cancun is a necessary evil for getting in and out of the country.  While it is known for its all inclusive spring break high school binge drinkers, rarely do they make it down the shore to the more delightful destinations.  The one stop you should make on your way in or out is at Vegan Planet, though! 

Vegan Planet-  The Chef at Vegan Planet is amazing and the food is fresh and inventive.  Its a very modern & healthy spot that shouldn't be missed.

Guacamole Grill- Enjoy FRESH Gauc & corn tortillas on your way out of Cancun International airport via Margaritaville ...  Thanks Jimmy Buffet! :)

Most AMAZING HONEYMOON in Riviera Maya!!

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East Village Vegan said...

Wow. What a wonderful review. I know how much time goes into such a long post, but so informative. Heading there in a couple weeks. Looking forward to our stay even more after this post!

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