30 September 2009

TJ's Tostadas

TJ's Blue Corn Tostadas

They're easy, fast, filling and most importantly inexpensive!! 

 Ever since discovering I spent over 50% of my yearly income going out to Vegan "Fat Fest" restaurants around LA, I decide to make commitment.  "This year I will be extremely HEALTHY & FRUGAL":-)  So far so good!!!  My TJ's Tostadas are not only good for your wallet but they one of my favorite Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner treats.  It's truly my ideal fat free meal all wrapped up in one!!
Trader Joe's Ingredients
     ~ TJ's Blue Corn Tortillas
~ TJ's Organic Romaine Salad
~ TJ's Organic Cherry Red Tomatoes
~Cilantro (WF)
~Near East Spanish Rice (WF)
~Wizards Hot Sauce (WF)
~Emerald Valley FRESH Salsa (WF)

*The Blue Corn Tortillas are somewhat tricky to bake. If I'm in a huge rush I'll just fold them like a taco and throw them in the toaster...not the greatest but it works:)  I suggest you place the tortillas fully on a cookie sheet in the middle oven rack.  Bake at a very low temperature (around 180F) in intervals of 10 mins.   By doing so, the tortilla will crisp up perfectly without burning!

*Spanish rice is simply fast to make on your stove top **DO NOT ADD THE SUGGESTED OIL**  it has a yeast extract that gives it the cheesy binding taste...yummy.  (start this first because it tastes 25 mins)

*drain & rinse the can of pintos and add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of the fresh salsa to a non stick pot and simmer on low heat until the beans absorb the flavors. (I think this salsa was from Whole Foods, but you can grab something similar to everything in this recipe at TJ's we just had a bunch of the stuff on hand)

* I always rewash my prewashed lettuce and tomatoes:)  Cut both the veggies into a smaller bite size pieces.  In a small bowl place the cut tomatoes, Tsbp or more of hot sauce, and cilantro then mix.

* stack it all up like the pic

* Prep Time : 5 to 10 mins to toss everything in pots & chop tomatoes and by the time the rice is done (25mins) you are ready to pile on your TJ's Blue Corn Tostada!  SIMPLY DELICIOUS:-P


Anonymous said...

Tried this out last night. Pretty good stuff. Our biggest complaint was the TJ salsa we grabbed. They used liberal amounts of Apple Vinegar which made it sweet instead of spicy. We'll be sure to try it again w/better salsa.

Unknown said...

Yeah their Salsa Sucks!! ...I've been pissed lately at the quality of all TJ products. It just use to be sooo much better:C

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