27 October 2009

It's a WRAP

Ever since I left STL  I've missed my daily visits to CBW (fast food low-fat wraps).  After endless searching around LA for something remotely similar...I just gave up:(  Until a light went off  and I realized "I can make my own fresh fabulous restaurant style wraps!" It wasn't till last week when I FINALLY found a large enough tortilla at Whole Foods, Garden City Brand ~ All Natural Roll-up made of Stone Ground Whole Wheat.  They're absolutely perfect for all your wrapping needs!  TIPS: A great wrap starts with steaming the tortilla until soft and sticky (achieved in a warm oven).  Place ingredients in towards side of the tortilla.. not all the way over:)  Fold the bottom first then sides and roll it up Tight!  The OPTIONS are ENDLESS NOW!!  Woohoo:-D

~ Brown Rice Cous Cous
~ Organic Eden Chickpeas

~ Organic Grape Tomatoes
~ Lettuce, your choice 

~ Homemade Oil Free Hummus

~ Fresh Dill

Habanero Breakfast Wrap
~ Black & Pinto Beans (drained & precooked in fresh salsa)

~ Grape Tomato (Cut, Cover in Hot Sauce and Clintro)

~ Whole Foods 365 Frozen Jamsine Rice (Microwaved)

~ Oraganic Butter Potoatoes (Oven Roasted)

~ Fresh Lettuces (greener the better:)

~ Secret ingredient: LUCKY HABANERO SALSA...out of this world!!!

**Jnet's Mild Burrito: Black & Pinto Beans, Corn, and Fresh chopped red pepper cooked in Mild FRESH salsa.


Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

Oh my goodness, there's all sorts of deliciousness going on in those wraps!

Unknown said...

Haha ...your so funny:D I've gone wrap crazy...I wouldn't be surprised if I tried to wrap the Bird's Nest next! See Ya Tomorrow!!!

quarrygirl said...

whoa, those wraps look sooo good. they are rolled perfectly too, as if they were done in a restaurant. damn, whenever i make wraps they fall apart & end up all over the place. :(

Anonymous said...

yes, ditto to qgirl! every time I make a wrap, it usually ends up totally falling apart and I have to eat it more like a salad with tortilla in it. I don't think it helps that I keep my wraps frozen and when they are defrosted they lose a lot of their elasticity. Your's look totally amazing!!!

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