01 October 2009

M Cafe De Chaya

M Cafe De Chaya

9343 Culver Blvd.

Culver City, Los Angeles



Hours: 9am - 9pm (Fri/ Sat 10pm)


 M Cafe is a nice all organic Macrobiotic deli style cafe that is almost completely vegan if you take away the fish:(  Most of the menu consists of very creative vegan items. They have three locations around LA; Melrose (original), Culver City (serves alcohol), and Beverly Hills (online orders available) opened recently.  The food is Asian with French influences...meaning mostly everything is coated in OIL:'(  It's such a shame because the food quality is amazing there.

 The Teriyaki-Tofu Bowl (steamed veggies, Tofu, & Teriyaki) is about the only thing (besides one sushi) they will make Oil/ Fat Free which is fine because it's a favorite of mine.  I KNOW it sounds boring but it's actually pretty incredible!  I don't know HOW they make something so simple taste so good?? ....mine never tastes like this:-D  The positive thing about hitting up the Culver City location is you can get a big ol' organic BEER!!  woohoo:)  We had the St. Peter's English Ale and it was perfectly smooth and flavorful.  Top off your naturally low fat Vegan rice bowl with a delicious Green Tea soy ice cream...yum tum:P   Still hungry?? Head over to sister restaurant Chaya in Venice or WEHO for some amazing veggie sushi. 

The Bill: Pretty Damn Pricey for a Bowl of RICE & Beer..Yikes.  Basically, you paying top dollar to eat LA's hippest Macro Cafe:)  As you can see we could have definitely ordered one for each of us but spending $60 bucks for that would just be stupid. 

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Lex said...

It helps when you are sharing that the beer is HUGE!

quarrygirl said...

i have been to m cafe a billion times and have never tried this! and, um i didn't know m cafe had ICE CREAM!!!! i need to get over there!

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

That bowl looks delicious!

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