07 October 2009

Vegan Sandwich Appreciation Day

So I am not one to miss a Vegan Holiday of any sorts.  Cruising my daily ritual of vegan awesomeness websites and blogs I came across the following declaration: i hereby name today vegan sandwich  i appreciation day. now what are you gonna do to celebrate?  I am always up for the challenge, but upon a quick review of Vegan Sandwiches in a 10 minute radius Kristin and I decided to hit up the Co-Op to pay proper homage to Vegan Sandwich Appreciation Day and build our own.  Inspired by Quarrygirl's Vinh loi tofu Subs we set out to see if we could create something similar since Vinh Loi could result in a 2 hour journey and we had some Glee to watch...  Now heading into the grocery store with a single minded sandwich mission is fun.  Get in, grab sandwich parts, get out.  Baguette ($2.49), Cucumber($.96), Carrot (FYI buying 1 carrot costs $.16), Onion ($.51), Tomato ($1.39), GardenVegan Patties ($4.29).  We had an AgaveMustard Spread we'd made for a pot luck that didn't make its way into our bag full of soft pretzels (total calamity) sitting in the fridge.  I halved the bread two ways, spread both sides with the FuneyMustard, layered the GardenVegan Patties (awesome product btw 80 calories, 5 from fat, made from whole grains)  piled on the toppings and paired with a Oil Free Veggie Soup from the Co-op = a sandwich fit for a Big Rig TRUCK Driver!   And the best part is the Garden Vegan Patties cook 5 minutes on each side, which is all the time you need to dice up your toppings and dash on a little salt and pepper and left over greens.

1 comment:

quarrygirl said...

woo hoo!!! i am so glad that someone else decided to celebrate vegan sandwich appreciation day! we should make it a regular occurrence. LOL!

your sandwich looks delicious BTW. YUM!

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