06 January 2010

NICHE ~ Delicata Squash

We are happy to be back to the world of blogging.  We've just returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand where the internet is $10/hour for 10megs most of the time!  We are marooned at our parents until we plot our return to Los Angeles next week.  We have been doing a TON of cooking over the holidays, its the only time we aren't frozen solid.  The only exercise we get is doing laps down the aisles at Whole Foods.  For NYE we had an amazing meal at the St. Louis Restaurant Niche the chef there is beyond compare and introduced us to Delicata Squash.

We couldn't pass up the delightful looking winter squash when we saw it again at Whole Foods.  I googled around and came up with this amazing little recipe.

Baked Delicata Squash. - Cut off the ends and slice down the middle.  Remove the seeds and scrap clean.  Take a spoon full of  -Suzanne's Rice Mellow -Brown Sugar -Dash of Cayenne Pepper -Sprinkle of Rosemary  Mix all bits together until the inside of the squash is well coated to your liking.     Put it on parchment paper in a pyrex dish and set into preheated over at 400 degrees for one hour.  Let cool a little bit and the mix hardens up before eating.

I can't tell you how amazing this turned out.  Sweet, spicy, marsh mellowly, savory.  I'll forever grab one when I see a good Delicata Squash at the supermarket.


Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

I'm so excited you'll be back next week! Can't wait to see you two!

Anonymous said...

welcome back! Ricemellow on delicata sounds genius. Will def be trying in the near future!

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