08 January 2010

Meeting Vegan Friendlies for Drinks & Food

In St.louis there are a few options for meeting friends who are considerate about our vegan eats.  I've been trying to check off all my old haunts one by one in my extended time here and last night bought a nice opportunity to meet a friend who's New Years Resolution is to become vegan!  Boogaloo would  host a Monday Night Vegetarian night in my day and always had a few vegan items on the menu (sad to see the sloppy joe gone from the menu).  It was an especially good drinking hole for me as well since the left side of the restaurant/bar is NON SMOKING (STL is slowly passing smoking bans).  Luckily the snowfall we had that morning had left the chef with plenty of time on his hands to whip something up for me.  Not satisfied with the vegan menu options I said "I'll eat anything you bring out that's a plant, has a starch (rice, potato, pasta) and is prepared with no oil (steamed, boiled, baked)"   Quite impressed with the results below!
Boogaloo markets itself as Cubano Creole Caribe restaurant and the chef spiced up my seemingly simple dish and flared out the tomatoes quite nicely.  I was completely ecstatic with the results and will definitely keep Boogaloo on my short list of outstanding places a vegan can eat in St.louis while interacting with locals (j/k).

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