17 February 2010

Eating Healthy - Cooking on the road

There hasn't been a single country / remote island on this planet where we haven't found a health food store or a grocery store stocked with organic products & produce.

Here's is just a little sampling of quick meals Kristin whipped up while were in the Caribbean over the past two weeks.  We generally look for lodging with a kitchenette, but as long as you can boil water you can whip up something.

Happened upon some local natural salad greens on the island of Barbados at the Super Store Grocery Store.  The place was stocked with tons of organic products from the states and the UK.  We spiced up the organic chicpeas and the Near East Cous Cous with some Carib hot sauce for a simple delightful dish.

 Here's a little organic french macaroni we topped with some organic peas (from a glass jar) and on the vine cherry tomatoes (we heated them up with some local Carib sauce).  Organic salad found at Grand Marche in St. Maarten (Dutch Side)

We found this risotto mix at BioMan in Marigot St. Martin (French Side) .  We added some chopped up peppers, tomatoes and spiced it up with some local Banana Ketchup & spices.

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