16 February 2010

Native Foods Healthy Options

Since 1994 Native Foods has been serving up fresh inventive food.  Now with 6 locations (and growing) in Southern California there is no excuse for local vegans not to enjoy the healthy meals hidden in the maze of fried and fat sauced covered plants.  We recently ate at the Palm Springs location (First one ever) and the Palm Dessert and met chef Tanya.  Let me tell you these were the two best experiences we've ever had at Native Foods.  I don't know if we've just gotten better at navigating menus or Tanya's watchful eye makes these locations super.

Here are our healthy menu hacks -
OC Raw Chopper Freshly chopped mixed veggies, seasonal greens, pomodoro, avocado, almonds, angel hair beets and sprouts. Served with manna bread and lemon garlic oil dressing on the side.  9.95  Proteinize red or black beans ... 1.00 
MINUS Avocado (fat bomb)
MINUS Almonds (fat bombs)
MINUS Lemon Garlic OIL
MINUS Manna Bread (nutty squishy stuff)

Gandhi BowlChef Tanya's Tempeh blackened on a bed of jasmine and brown rice. Topped with organic greens, steamed veggies, wild curry sauce, cranberries and green onions.  8.95
SUB TOFU for Tempeh (request grilled with no oil)
MINUS wild curry sauce (oily)
Use soy sauce or hot sauce provided (or request it)

Mad CowboySeasoned grilled vegetables atop a baked potato with ranch dressing, sprinkled with country corn and green onions. Your choice of BBQ Tempeh or Native Chicken.  9.95
MINUS ranch dressing
Sub Temp for grilled tofu (request no oil on the grill) 
The BBQ sauce has a little bit of oil in it so you can opt to leave it off and go with hot sauce.

1 comment:

quarrygirl said...

the macro bowl is my favorite! brown rice, quinoa, temepeh, steamed veggies, sea greens, sauerkraut, green onions, and sesame salt. yummm.

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