25 February 2010

Ordering Indian - How to be a fat free vegan at an Indian Restaurant

Indian Food is our absolute #1 favorite food on the planet.  Back in St. Louis, MO we were blessed with Gokul and Raj's Rasoi both 100% vegetarian Indian Restaurants.  We always started our meals with fried pakoras and samosas, oily curries & oily rice (at least 3 times a week).  When we finally kicked the oily curse out of our lives we struggled how to enjoy Indian Food once more.  Despite many Indian Restaurants deterring our dreams of oil free Indian Food, we persisted and luckily Chandni in Santa Monica stepped up to the challenge.  They will make all their Dal's w/o any oil (just leave out tomatos because the pastes have oil).  We always get Yellow Dal & Moong Dal because its smooth and tasty.  Usually ALL Indian Restaurants OIL the crap out of their rice, but instead of rice Chandni will do the Roti bread with no oil or ghee & you can get Papadam to shovel the Dal into your mouth with.  Always mention you have an adverse reaction (ie it makes you fat and sick) to eating oil (or are allergic) and request they leave out any ingredients that are sautéed or packaged with oil.  Dal is usually just pressure cooked lentils with spices.

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