28 March 2010

Chili Addiction - Top notch oil free 3 Bean Euphoria

I've been reading about Chili Addiction over at QuarryGirl.com for months!  I hadn't really realized it was right next door to Real Food Daily (RFD) until I stumbled past it while attending Vegan Drinks this Saturday.  We enjoyed the veggies of the day at RFD so much last night we went back for dinner again today.  On our way out I decided to run into Chili Addiction and see if any of the vegan chili was prepared without oil & soy protein.  Luckily the chef was in and informed me he never uses oil and recommended the Three Bean Euphoria.

Wisely I went with a Large since I knew we'd be splitting it back in the hotel room later.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of letting Kristin open it up to look at it when we hopped in the car...  10 minutes later the two of us polished off the entire thing.  (this is post Basic Three at RFD of Steamed Veggies, Pintos & Brown Rice)  I never got the car into drive!   We both kept thinking if we ever had a chili contest to win we'd just enter that stuff and lie our pants off!  If you are fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles RUN down to Chili Addiction and go with a large ($10).  The name makes sense after the first bite.  We're now both addicted to Chili Addiction.  See ya tomorrow there!

408 N La Cienega Blvd 
Hours of Operation

Sat-Sun 11:30AM - 9PM 

Tue through Fri Noon-2:30 5:30-9PM 


Unknown said...

I want the chili Mac sooo bad!!

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

I was at the SM RFD Vegan Drinks and I had a Basic Three of steamed kale, pinto beans, and Bhutanese red rice! I still haven't been to Chili Addiction, but I'm happy to know there are low-fat, no-oil options!

Lex said...

We're all about the Basic Three! I just wish they had ONE oil free dressing, they charge us 1.95 for salsa!!!

quarrygirl said...


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