03 March 2010

Fat Free Organic Dressing (You can order online)

Getting tired of Balsamic Vinegar or Lime Juice as easy and fast fat free salad dressings?  We stumbled on Maple Grove's Fat Free Organic Dijon Salad Dressing.  What's extra special about this (aside from tasting amazing) is that its vegan (most dijon's contain honey).  We found this in a Ralph's in Palm Springs, but I suspect its in most large super market chains.  You can always order it from their website along with Fat Free Organic Raspberry & Fat Free Balsamic.    Unfortunately, as of this posting they are SOLD OUT!

Here's the page with the Fat Free Organic Salad Dressings (only 3 of them) http://maplegrove.stores.yahoo.net/orsadr.html

Here's where you can order our favorite.  ($3.95)


Lex said...

We tried the Fat-Free Raspberry tonight and it was equally fantastic!

Kim said...

thanks for giving a new idea for dressing besides what I can make on my own to be healthy. I will order some soon!

The Veggie Gal

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