20 April 2010



Easy, fast, filling and most importantly inexpensive!! 

This is the fastest, easiest, freshest, & most economically risotto-like recipe on the plant!  It literally takes 20 mins or less to prepare...gotta luv that!  My only real tip is to use IMAGINE Organic Veggie Broth, in my opinion it's simply the BEST.  As much as I been lovin' TJ's, their broths are just NASTY.  It's funny, every single time I make this Lex always asks me "Why is this so good?"  ....it just is!!!   
Trader Joe's Ingredients
     ~ Three Grain Blend (rice, barley, & spelt) - 1 Package
~ Organic Sugar Plum Tomatoes - 1 Cup - CHOPPED
~ Organic Baby Broccoli - 1 Package - CHOPPED
~ Organic Basil - 1/2 Cup - CHOPPED
~ Organic Oregano - 1/2 Fresh Steam or 1/2 TBS  
~ Organic Baby Spinach - 2 Fresh Cups
~ IMAGINE VEGGIE BROTH  (not sold a TJ..splurge at Whole Foods)

*Bring 2.5 cups of IMAGINE broth to a boil in pot.  Add 3 grain blend, simmer covered for 8 minutes (stirring occasionally).  Add another 1/2 of IMAGINE broth, simmer for 4-8 minutes until liquid is mostly absorbed.  

*In a non-stick pan add 1/3 cup IMAGINE veggie broth, organic baby broccoli (I only use the flower), 1/2 cup chopped basil,  2 cups fresh spinach, 1/2 steam FRESH oregano.  Saute till soft and dark green. 
Take rice off heat, add greens and 1 cup chopped Grape Tomatoes.  Stir.

**More time and liquid could turn this dish into a creamier true risotto...but tastes great either way:)


Anonymous said...

YES TJ broths are LAME! I am always looking fo ra good veg broth--usually just end up using a combo of rapunzel brand bouillon cubes and bragg's aminos. But I am def gonna give Image a whirl!

Unknown said...

i had that for dinner. AMAZING@@@

Kim said...

This looks so good! I love the baby broccoli in it. I have never had that and now I will have to go get some to make this dish.

Unknown said...

I shall be preparing this tonigh!

Unknown said...

I didn't have fresh basil and oregano, so I used dried. I must've used way too much. How much of each should be used if dried is only available?

Unknown said...

OMG that sounds like the time I put too much tarragon in fettuccine..puke:P It seriously ruined my fettuccine cravings forever:D For this I probably would have used: 1-2 teaspoon Basil and 1/2 teaspoon Oregano then added more if it wasn't enough...how much did you use?

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