27 April 2010

Rawdiculous Diet. Why being raw is not sustainable

If I have to hear about another person on the Raw diet I think I am going to cook them.  We are starchatarians.  The only reason humans exist is because we harnessed the most abundant source of fuel on the planet = starch.  Women actually made the choice between hunters vs starchies and because starchies could always come up with food for the babies they choose us and the rest is fossil records.    Every population is powered by starch with the exception of eskimos who number in the handful depending on which polar region they've tried to inhabit.  Compare a 30 year old starchy to a 30 year old eskimo and you'll see why.  Living on fat and protein is not sustainable.  Eskimos and Raw Diets have a lot in common in that fat is the main source of calories.  Vegetables have little calories.  You can not live on them for long so you have to include dried fruits and nuts if you want to remain rawesome.  With all your calories coming from fat and sugar you surely do feel like a teenager again because you're eating the same diet as a 15 year old, just uncooked and without the candy bar wrapper.  

Enjoy!  Raw Zombies attack!  And Loose!


quarrygirl said...

i went raw for a week, and i must say i was feeling pretty good. one week was long enough for me, but it was nice to get away from eating such so many processed foods.

although we did go out to a couple restaurants, and once made nachos at home...other than that most, days we maintained both a raw and low fat diet. a day would consist of a green vegetable shake for breakfast, fruit and salad for lunch, and sushi made with raw hummus for dinner. what's wrong w/ that?!

there are a lot of gourmet/high-fat raw foods out there...so i can see where that can give people the wrong idea about raw food in general. a lot of raw people are low-fat health nuts, though, who don't eat a lot of nuts and dehydrated products.

i googled low fat raw and found this site:

anyways, glad i gave it a shot! i love bread way too much though... :)

Lex said...

There is no way to do raw low fat. You can't get enough calories unless you only consume dried fruit. We've evolved to run on starch, cooking starch allowed us to harness the most abundant source of fuel on the planet and take over.

veggie shake (no calories) / fruit salad, raw hummus is just sugar and fat. You love bread because our bodies are designed to crave starch. We're starch seekers. Bread allowed us to carry our calories long distances.

Its such a simple message its often impossible to get it across to people because our heads are so full of marketing nonsense it took me over 10 years to open my eyes. One Dr. McDougall visit will shorten the learning curve by about 7 years. I'm still learning. Raw is a crazy mantra that misplaces the benefit, which is NOT eating Big Macs, not eating more carrots. Its not fulfilling and not a long term diet anyone can stay on, its how monkey's eat and we left that DNA line millions of years ago.

quarrygirl said...

oh man, i hear what you are saying, but i have talked to raw people who say ANY kind of bread or refined sugar is deadly!

who do i believe, who do i believe?!?!

both you AND the raw people i know are all healthy and skinny, so maybe both diets are working?

i would be totally willing to go mcdougall for 1 week. one thing it has over raw is the fact that BEER IS ALLOWED!

Lex said...

Its a toss up from loosing weight via calorie restriction (very damaging) on the raw diet or naturally eating as much whole starch food you want on the Mcdougall program. Starches power our brains, raw food does not. Its the reason our brains grew and we surpassed our mammal relatives. Dr. McDougall drinks beer in his DVDs & there's a bar at his clinic & the Costa Rica trip. All he advocates is that we eat a whole foods plant based diet focused on starchy plants that are the fuel of civilization.

Lex said...

Another way to look at it is, we eating everything vegans eat, but instead of oil in recipes we use water, veggie broth or apple sauce. Instead of frying things we bake them. High fat items we replace with starch. Potatoes, Pasta, Corn, Grains, Beans, Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Rice, never gets old. We just don't murder our plants by drowning them in motor oil. We use non stick cookware instead of cooking spray and parchment paper and silicon baking sheets. Only fat stores as fat on our bodies. Carbs, refined or complex store as glycogen, which our bodies can only store about 2 to 4 pounds of, the rest passes. Isolated proteins like fake meat are cancer fuel and also cause our bodies to expel calcium to buffer the acid load from eating large blocks of fake meat = amino acids = acid. I had butter nut squash raviolis from Rising Moon Organics tonight, with green beans cooked in balsamic, all covered in a fat free organic red sauce from whole foods with some added fresh basil! so good! every meal is huge and plates are full of starchy goodness. Life can't get better!

Danielle said...

I never understood the raw diet. People claim you destroy enzymes when cooking. But guess what people, your stomach acid and gut proteases will do that anyway!!

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