02 May 2010

Blue Corn Verde Enchiladas

Blue Corn Verde Enchiladas 
I'm always looking for new ways to use TJ's blue corn tortillas so I was totally psyched when our good friend Daria passed along this fantastic recipe.  It's fast, easy and extremely delicious!  I paired the enchiladas with NearEast Spanish Rice mix for convenience and if I had more time I would have accompanied it with lime flavored black/pinto beans.  I used a fresh Salsa Verde, although when I prepare it again I'm going to use TJ's canned green salsa for a more blended/creamy texture.
     ~ TJ's Blue Corn Tortillas
~ TJ's Green Salsa (12-16oz)
~ 2 Jalapeno, minced
~1 Onion (leek or shallots), Chopped
~  1 Purple Onion, Chopped small for topping
~ 1 C. grape Tomatoes, Chopped for topping
~ 2 Potatoes, Cut in small cubes
~ 8-10 colored small sweet peppers, Sliced thin
~ 2 C. fresh Organic Spinach
~ Veggie Broth, for sauteing
~ 1 Lime
Cooking Instructions:
  • Cook chopped potatoes in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain and set aside
  • Saute onions (leek or shallots) and jalapeno peppers in small amount of veggie broth until soft. 
  • Add cooked potatoes, sweet peppers, seasoning and some green salsa and more veggie broth if necessary, cover and cook 3 minutes
  • Add greens and stir them in with potato mixture, cover for 1-2 minutes until completely wilted
  • Set stuffing aside
  • Put a thin layer of green salsa on the bottom of a pyrex baking dish
  • Fill each tortilla (MUST steam/warm them for a minute or two before stuffing) with with veggie mix, wrapping into thirds; when all are stuffed, put another layer of green salsa on top
  • Top with finely chopped purple onion and tomatoes
  • Optional: Hot Sauce on top
  • Bake uncovered at 400 to 425 degrees until tortillas start to crisp
  • Squeeze juice of 1/2 to 1 lime over them before serving    


Lex said...

perfect in time for cinco de mayo!

quarrygirl said...

yum! i am definitely gonna make this, but i will leave out the peppers.

Unknown said...

add some corn instead!

Gauri Radha said...

That looks amazing!!

jamie said...

I just found your blog, and your recipes look great! I can't wait to try them myself! I would love to see a price estimate for each recipe since I'm on a student budget. Thanks for sharing!

Lex said...

Jamie, thanks for the reminder. We always keep the receipts intending to publish them with our posts, but don't often remember to do so! Will try for more #s. We definitely go for a student oriented budget so everyone can afford to eat healthy.

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