28 June 2010

Eating Out: Late Night Toi on Sunset Blvd

So late night eats in Los Angeles are few and far between for vegans and for healthy vegans almost nil!   One spot we've been hitting up pretty frequently has been Toi on Sunset blvd.  They are open until 4am every night.  Our go to dish is a large black rice and a plate of steamed veggies, which includes their homemade tofu.  You can ask for sweet and sour sauce or just spice it up with a few of the items they bring to every table (be careful some have oil).
Toi's special brown rice $3.00 for a bowl (enough for two+)
Combination veggies steamed 9.95 (enough for two)
They also serve beer and wine until midnight!


quarrygirl said...

I LOVE TOI!!!!!!!!! didn't realize they had anything healthy, but now i that i know, i will definitely be ordering this.

SUCKS that you can't order a beer past 12 though.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the rice at Toi. Do you know what kind of rice it is? I've been working my way through the various rices at Naturemart but none of them seem to be as plump and chewy as the Toi rice.

Lex said...

@yosoy I want to say the rice is Forbidden Rice, but who knows. I'm sure if you ask they'll tell you.

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