28 June 2010

A typical starchy lunch or dinner, beans, potatoes, tortilla!

We always try to think of fun things for posts, but the more mundane of our day to day eating rituals are probably a better window into the starch based way of life.  Here is a typical quick meal we throw together at least 3 or 4 times a week.  Just some fat free hashbrowns, Pinto beans cooked in salsa with frozen corn added, lettuce and tomatoes and a toasted fat free tortilla from Whole Foods.  This meal can be whipped together in about 20 minutes, the hash browns taking the longest, but while they are browning you can prep everything else before a final flip.  I usually pile it all into the tortilla or eat it like nachos!  Either way its one of those meals you can eat a million times and it never get old!

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