05 July 2010

4th of July Eats!

Happy 4th everyone!  We had an excellent pot luck consisting of oil free everything!  Our host made potato salad and provided the fixins.  Vegyogini made quinoa salad and the most amazing chili ever! (not pictured unfortunately... doh!)  Kristin made Black Bean burgers from Veganomicon minus the oil. 

For dessert we had It's Soy Delicious low fat fruit sweetened ice cream made into sandwiches with Wax Orchard's fat free pinapple sweetened fudge on Australian Water crackers (they taste like ice cream cones).  Fresh fruit provided by Vegan Beauty Review and our host!

Pretty festive, huh!?  Good old red white and blue the right way!


Anonymous said...

Have you made your own ice cream? Freeze ripe banana pieces. Once frozen blend them in a food processor with berries (mango or payapa are also good). You should end up with a creamy healthy dessert.



Lex said...

Great idea! I just added the link to the ice cream we used. Its only 15 fat calories per 110 so about 14% fat so not too terrible, but frozen bananas sound great! Will they refreeze or is it consume on blending?

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

I make the banana ice cream all the time...it's really good! It's better if you just make enough to eat in the moment, though. :)

The dinner party potluck was so awesome and I will be sending you guys the recipe for the chili. I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

The quinoa salad was also a de-oiled Veganomicon recipe. ;)

Unknown said...

i am totally jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

quarrygirl said...

that looks so good! i am gonna try making those black bean burgers w/o the oil. there is also a really great isa chandra chickpea casserole recipe, that tastes just great w/o oil.

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