17 July 2010

CraZy Bowls and Wraps!!

approximate times

Locations:  St. Louis & San Diego
Every visit home to St. Louis always = dozens 0f trips to my absolutely favorite Healthy Fast Food Restaurant Chain and maybe ONLY... Crazy Bowls & Wraps!  This place is literally the single greatest contributor to keeping Lex and I on the healthy vegan track...way before I learned to cook, of course:)  What's most exciting is Healthy Fast Food just came to Cali!!  The owners moved to San Diego and opened the 1st CA locations this year.  So yes I'm suggesting you take a Healthy 2hr  Road Trip down there to check it out..lol:)  REALLY! 

Superbowls: the ultimate in healthy eating, severed over rice ( Quinoa $.75 surcharge)
1/2 Steamed Veggies 1/2 Beans
Vegetarian Wraps: Modification NEEDED = VEGAN

+ Brown Rice or Jasmine Rice
+ Lettuce
+ Fat Free Pico De Gio
+ Onion
+ "Low Fat" Spinach Tortilla*
- Cheese
- Salsa (sub for Fat Free Pico De Gallo)

+"Low Fat" Baked Falafel*
+ Jasmine Rice or  Brown Rice
+ Lettuce
+ BQ Sauce
+ "Low Fat" Spinach Tortilla*
- Hummus
- Feta
- Tangy Sauce

*"low fat" = small amount of oil


Fat Free Side Dips: Jalapeno-Clintro, Pico De Gallo, and Hot Sauce

Vegetarian Bowls:
Zesty Beans over rice bowl- Kidney, black, and red beans in a zesty sauce over rice

Tofu Vegetable Bowl: - Steamed vegetables served with jalapeno cilantro sauce (all the other sauces are fatty)

CHEAP EATS:) ..if only I wasn't a a-hole and ordered a bottle water.


Anonymous said...

Just pointing out that instead of "bowls" you wrote "bowels" - twice.

Lex said...

totally belongs in cali!

Lex said...

hahahahahahahahahahah! I think you should keep it, because hey if you eat enough burritos you will have crazy bowels.

Unknown said...

i love a good crazy bowel!!! :0)

quarrygirl said...

this is awesome! we are actually planning a trip to san diego soon, and will be sure to hit this place up. you should go down there and stop off at the stone brewery first on the way. they have stuff on the menu that i think is healthy veganish.

crazy bowels lolz!

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