08 November 2010

Smart Fries by Gourmet Basics

Now I don't want this post to seem like an endorsement for these tasty little suckers, but if you are going to see at movie at Landmark Theaters (at least the one on Pico) along with fat free wasabi peas you'll now find Smart Fries as a less deadly movie snack.  Plus they are available online @ Gourmet Basics

The Jalapeno Heat, Vinegar Splash, and Classic Sea Salt are all vegan.  The Vinegar is particularly good.  These are just puffed potato starch in a regular snack chip bag so don't get too excited, but they are nice and crispy.  1.5 grams of fat doesn't seem like a lot, but you'll feel the ooze on your fingers.
Here are the nutritional facts. http://gourmetbasics.com/page001.html

You'll see for every 110 calories 10 (Classic Sea Salt) to 15 (Vin&Jala) are from fat.  
 10 fat calories out of 110 calories per serving = 9% fat.  (Only 1 serving per container, too!)
 15 fat calories out of 110 calories per serving = 13.6% fat

Not terrible considering the butter popcorn alternatives.  I wouldn't stock up on these for lunch boxes or anything, but a fun snack at the movies its not a bad deal.  The sodium is a little high, but drink some of that expensive bottled water (sneak in your own).  

You can buy these suckers on Amazon.com, too, but if you are that hungry for fries make your own!


Anonymous said...

sounds yummy crunchy. can you get them at whole foods as well or just at the movies and online?

Unknown said...

I've only found them at the movies and online...total bummer! You might be able to find them at a random grocery store, if so let me know which one:))

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