13 March 2011

Cafe Gratitude

The popular sanfran raw chain has finally made its way to Los Angeles with a super hip new restaurant.  We checked out the cooked meals for healthy options.
The tacos are an easy healthy hack by just getting everything on the side.  Be sure to say no oil on the corn tortillas and no oil on all your orders.
The I am Luscious shake split in half for two is a nice treat, as well.
They are extremely accommodating to oil free requests.  Their salad dressings all have oil, but their mustard sauce and home made hot sauce are devine replacements.

I've been doing all my blogging directly from my Andriod phone so photo quality and my ability to type/proof read/add links are pretty dismal, however, it makes it super easy~  I try to edit these all later and add links/fix typos, etc

Cafe Gratitude Los Angeles
Phone (323) 580-6383
639 N. Larchmont BlvdLos Angeles, CA
PS. I also must add that the staff there are GLOWING with kindness and positive energy!


quarrygirl said...

i can also vouch for their bowls. no nuts, no sauce. i'm sure you could sub salsa for sauce! HMMM....

you have infected me with the substitution/hacking game!

Chrysanthe said...

when i went there, they told me that their brown rice and black beans are actually both prepared with oil and that the only oil free thing i could really hack would be the I Am Fortified bowl with all veggies. And they charged $2 extra to sub the extra veggies for the rice/quinoa...

Lex said...

The location in Los Angeles? I have given the beans/rice daily grains the oil test and they have passed.

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