21 July 2011

Microwave Potato Chips, fat free!

I would have never believed it had I not tried this myself.  I read some obscure post in a forum about these plastic trays for cooking fat free potato chips in the microwave and saw a comment about using parchment paper to achieve the same effect.  It works marvelously.
#1. Making paper thin slices.  Make sure none are over 1/16 inch. 
#2. Put parchment paper on microwave tray.
#3. Arrange potatoes so none are overlapping
#4. Nuke for 8 to 10 minutes (release the steam at 8 mins and remove any that are brown)  keep nuking depending on microwave power under they exhibit browness or are as stiff and crisp as deep fried ones.  PLEASE NOTE!! if using a small amount of potatoes cook for less time.  WATCH THEM to determine your cook time.
For all those that poopoo the microwave for dismembering their dna at 900mhz from the uniform radiation from the heat, just let yours cool a little bit.  I have a microwave meter and I encourage you to get one, nothing escapes a well sealed machine.  Sure it makes some stuff taste like mushy mess, but pop corn, ears of corn, potato chips, potatoes, water and most left overs never tasted better!


Rhona said...

What??!?! I must make those post haste! Yum. Chips and fat-free in the same sentence. I am in heaven.

Thomas said...

ah! Parachemnt paper! I had been using paper plates. Excellent idea!

Thomas said...

and where did I learn to spell? yikes!

Lex said...

haha, just a typo Thomas!

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