17 July 2011

Microwave Potatoes

Now at first glance, buying a shrink wrapped potato might seem a little bit unenvironmental, uneconomical, and just plain strange.  However, these little guys sell 2 for $3 at Ralphs and most regular super markets around the country.  They cook in 6 to 8 minutes and come out divine!  They come with a tracking label so you can see exactly where they came from.  You don't have to worry about washing, they go from pocket to microwave.   I especially like the yams!  These make the simple potato just a tad bit easier letting it compete with the convenience of potato chips and french fries. 

For those concerned with the extra packaging on our friendly spud, consider the hour + electricity required to heat him up in a conventional electric oven vs the 6 minutes in our super efficient microwave.

 The health/taste/convenience of the shrink wrapped packaging far outweighs the tiny added expense.  Unlike a sticking a regular potato in a microwave the plastic wrap hot boxes the steam pressure cooking the potato/yam in its own skin.  The bottoms come out crunchy (the best part).

Make sure to watch out for green skin on the russet potatoes.  Supermarket lighting makes it hard, but this means the potato has been exposed to sunlight and created some insecticide to which some people are sensitive.  On the yams, watch out for black spots or softness.

I highly recommend the yam for rapid weight loss.  You can eat one of these with a little maple syrup/salt and be full and content for hours.  They change up for breakfast / lunch and dinner just with your toppings.   Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Are you aware that the sweet potatoes and yams are often labelled incorrectly? Sweet potatoes and yams are not related. Thy are two distinct types of root vegetables.
It appears that the picture is one of sweet potatoes with orange flesh which is also known as kumera. There are many varieties of sweet potato including those with orange, white or purple flesh. You probably won't see true yams very much at all in supermarkets and your standard green grocer. Finally to increase the confusion sweet potatoes are unrelated to potatoes.

I particular like sweet potatoes with orange flesh. I just steam them until soft in a bamboo steamer. They are great on their own with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Easy and delicious!


Lex said...

Thanks Pete, yes I am aware and even read the wiki on it a year or so ago I was so personally confused. Seeing a real YAM is an eye opener at 100lbs and 5 feet tall! No wonder we switched to starch as a fuel source! I used yam in this post since its what is written on the packaging, but it certainly is a sweet potato. Sorry to add to the confusion!

Thomas said...

(I hope this is not a double post, I commented without signing in, and Blogger ate it)

I usually keep a bag of new potatoes at work, and will nuke a few at a time for a snack. I often get queries or comments, and its usually followed by something like "so what are you, like, 95lbs?" (actually 150) lol

quarrygirl said...

be careful lex! whenever i post anything about using a microwave on my blog, i get a slew of comments from people yelling at me about how awful they are. haha.

Lex said...

my next post is about microwave potato chips! the only thing bad about a microwave is what non healthy people put in them!

Thomas said...

Yes, microwave potato chips come out better than oven. Corn tortilla chips do very well in the oven (especially convection).

quarrygirl said...

phew, because i use the microwave all the time. :)

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