09 September 2011

Muffin Top Bakery in Riverside - Low Fat Bear Claws / Breads & Cakes

We first stumbled on Muffin Top Bakery during a Clark's Nutrition pit stop in Loma Linda on our way to Palm Springs. It was hard to believe that a delicious looking bear claw was vegan and low fat in a strange large natural super market in the middle of no where (sorry loma lindaers).

The photo of the Apple Bread doesn't do it justice!  It was as tasty as artfully baked!

1735 Spruce St #J

Riverside, Ca 92507
(951) 222-0377

Now here is the icing on the cake (many thanks to Seed Bistro for adding the pretty garnishes!) 
So what you see before you is a bit of a miracle.  Kristin asked me what I wanted for my bday cake and I told her an "Elvis Presley"  Peanut Butter and Banana cake.  Now to kill two birds with one stone K knew no Bday breakfast would be complete without a 140 mile drive to grab some bear claws, so she emailed and asked Muffin Top if they could make a fat free banana cake with defatted peanut butter frosting.  A few phone calls to the local Trader Joes and the magic peanut butter was secured and the rest is history!  Pretty much the raddest low-fat no-oil vegan bday imaginable!

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tera @ elgin eco-house said...

great reason to go to riverside - yum!

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