21 October 2012

MillenniuYUM Restaurant San Francisco!

We took our moms on a whirlwind tour of California this past week from Los Angeles to Napa.  It gave us some solid time in the car to talk to them about health and loosing weight.  We even joked that we were dropping them off at the McDougall Clinic!  Their favorite restaurant on the trip was Millennium in San Francisco.  They don't have McDougall items on the menu, but if you call/email in advance and Sous Chef, Stephanie Roston is at the helm you can get this amazing Gnocchi oil-free.  The veggies are sauteed in lemon juice (they look shiny, but not a drop of oil!)  The sauce is a golden tomato coolis.  This wonderful dish combined with the superb service and ambiance rocketed Millennium back up to the top of my rock star vegan restaurant list. 

1 comment:

quarrygirl said...

i'm glad they finally got it right for you this time! looks delicious!

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