29 November 2012

Super Crispy No-OIL No-Fat French Fries

Crispy Fat Free French Fries? 
Giving up fried foods seems like an obvious step toward better health, but the odd combo of potato, deep fryer and copious amounts of salt overtakes most human brains.  Time after time again I see healthy people take a nose dive around a plate of hot fries.  Making crispy fries only takes a little rinse and a convection oven (one that circulates hot air around the food). 
 Step 1: Cut the potato into THIN strips, 1/4" Thicker fries won't bake as fast as the convection oven browns the outsides.
Step 2: RINSE the strips thoroughly under cold running water! This seals the surface of the freshly cut potatoes for browning.

Step 3: Arrange on parchment paper lined metal pan. I usually put the long ones on the left and short ones on the right so they all fit end to end side to side w/o touching, this lets the convention hot air brown every side.
Step 5: YUM YUM Hot crispy fries!  Add salt (you might want to consider giving the freshly cut potatoes a dip in salt water because salt doesn't stick to these!)

Convection Oven Setting usually looks like this -->
It signifies a spinning fan inside the oven.


suzy said...

Those look beautiful! What temp?

Lex said...

350 will do the trick! Sorry I missed that in the description, thanks for asking!

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