26 October 2009

Bird's Nest Pasta

Bird's Nest Pasta makes a weekly appearance on my menu.  It's sooo easy, filling, & delicious!!  Best of all it's completely gluten and oil free:)  It's important to choose the right organic products and ingredients to make it taste simply divine.  


Building your Bird's Nest
De Boles Gluten Free Rice Angle Hair pasta

Food Merchants Organic Polenta
Eden Organic Beans (BPA Free)

The Wizard's Hot Stuff
Whole Foods 365 fat free pasta sauce 
KK's Secret is out Dressing
Fresh Baby Spinach

Fresh Galic & Onions
Fresh Grape Tomatos
Soy Sauce
Maple Syurp (Med Amber)

Too Easy: Cook pasta boiling 5-7, rinse w/ cold water.  Tomato Sauce:  Bring to a simmer, add baby spinach and soy sauce, maple syrup, hot sauce ....to your taste.  Once spinach is cooked add grape tomato (don't over cook), simmer 2-3 mins.  

Med-Easy: Polenta Fries- 
Cut the polenta into finger width round slices.  Spread the slices on a large cutting board.  Chop up equal amounts of garlic and onion (2 cloves and about 1/4 of a small onion)  Evenly distribute the garlic and onion on top of each polenta disk.  Stack them back up vertically and smash down to evenly mix it all together.  After hand mixing it (super mess) for a moment spread it thin, fry sized onto your cutting board and make a nice rectangle or square.  Slice it evenly across and then subdivide it down the middle for your fry shapes.  Place them all on a hot nonstick skillet (leave room to flip them).  You might have to do it in two batches depending how large your skillet is.  They are super messy at first, but as soon as you have 2 or three sides browned they'll be easier to move around the pan.  Brown them on all four sides using a spatula to carefully flip them.  If the skin comes off just put it back on.  When they are brown on 4 sides put them in the oven 400 degrees and work on the rest of the dish or other half of the polenta.  The oven just keeps them warm and cooks the garlic and onion a little more, so you can leave them in for as little or up to 20 minutes. 

Remedial:  KK's Fat Free Dressing-
Equal Tablespoons of everything depending on your taste and need:  
Annies Naturals Vegan Worcestershire Sauce (Wizard's Gluten Free)
Organic Dijon Mustard
Maple Syrup (Med Amber taste best)
Organic Tamari Sauce
Filtered Water, To Taste
Ginger, Onion & Garlic powder, To Taste

Shape it like a Bird's Nest ....Voila!  The prefect meal for a two yr old stuck in a 28yr old's body:-D


Lex said...

I seriously don't know what that second pic with theh Polenta Fries is supposed to be? It looks more like a sun with lips and a salad beard.

quarrygirl said...

LOL at lex's comment!!! haha...

anyways, i really wanna try polenta fries now! what a brilliant idea. :)

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...


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