01 April 2010

Menu Hacking Seed Kitchen

I've been a fan of Seed Kitchen since its opening about two years ago.  You can see from their website they do their best to get all the "bad" stuff out, from refined sugars to non-stick cookware...  Unfortunately, the #1 bad thing we can put in our bodies... oil...  is present in just about everything.  We met with our friend from the internationally famous Veg Restaurant review site HappyCow.net to have some dinner tonight before a talk on electric cars.  Last time I hacked Seed, I ended up with a $6 bowl of brown rice and steamed veggies.  Determined to outdo ourselves Kristin dissected the menu and received exemplary help from the man behind the counter and crafted the following custom Healthy Vegans Bowl $9.95 ;
Brown Rice +3
Seasoned Black Beans +3
Steamed Veggies +3
Side of Mango Salsa +.95
Hot Sauce = free

I can't emphasize how good the mango salsa is!  I made sure to make sure I had a bit of it on each bite.  Not only did they do an amazing job of having these oil free low fat WHOLE FOOD items on hand they artistically put them together!  Incidentally, our friend at Happycow got the same thing we did after asking for the fat count on an item he was about to order (32grams! yikes).  The way of the healthy vegan is a good path.  You feel good after every meal and look even better!


quarrygirl said...

whoa, that hack looks delicious!

okay, i am curious about this mcdougall plan, and i want to know exactly what you can eat and can't eat. fruits, vegetables, and beans are okay...just no oil and no nuts, right?

Lex said...

http://drmcdougall.com/free_4b.html start here. No oil, its the devil! Nuts you can eat as many as you can open with your bare hands when they are in season :)

Unknown said...

I am new to the whole blogging thing, and your blog has caught my eye...very informative. I'm going to McDougall for 10 day clinic in August, and would love to chat with you about it.

The Blissful Chef said...

Looks delicious!

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