21 September 2011

Blue Planet Topeka Kansas :: Road Trip Finds

How do you find healthy food to eat on the road?  Do you use Happycow.net ? Veg'n Out or the HappyCow app on your iphone or android?  Those are my 1st choices, but then I use yelp.com and the yelp app and type in Vegan / Brown Rice / Vegetarian / etc to locate new finds like the one you see here.  I found Blue Planet cafe using Yelp (I have since added it to Happycow)  and they have an amazing menu of seitan sandwiches.  What's so amazing is that its all made in house.  Ginger Teriyaki / Faux Peppered / Tofu Turkey along with their house made bread.  We of course skipped the vegan cheese (fat spread) and piled our side salad into our sandwich!  AMAZING!  

Blue Planet Cafe
110 SE 8th Ave (at SE Madison St )
Topeka Kansas 66603


Spacious interior!

Yummy!  We ordered the Ginger and the Peppered and split them so we both got to try each flavor.  The Ginger was by far the stand out!

How else do you find healthy eats while on the road?  I also use Google Maps and type in "vegan" near my current location.  Google searches with "Vegan [city name]" are also helpful!  Don't keep your eyes closed wonderful finds like Blue Planet exist in every town and your belly is missing out on them!


quarrygirl said...

when i'm in another city, all bets are off!

BTW i love the new look of the blog.

Lex said...

haha, I don't blame you! I still give hacking a try on irresistible items. Still working on the blog. I need to hunker down and just hire a professional, lol.

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