06 September 2011

Seed Bistro, a cause for celebration!

Los Angeles has a new crown jewel atop its vegan foodie pyramid.  Seed Bistro embodies the wonderful fusion of international culture health and wellness that is rapidly defining the California lifestyle.

CHEF ERIC LECHASSEUR continues his macrobiotic masterpieces in a slick new bistro setting that showcases a global palette of nourishing dishes with his wife SANAE SUZUKI (macrobiotic director & author).

I never pass up a vegan miso soup, Seed Bistro's is full of delicious root vegetables that become infused with the delightful miso paste.  (Spoons optional)

 Nothing compliments a salty miso broth be than a cold beer.  Seed Bistro has a select offering of organic, natural and gluten free beers and wines.

 - flageolet bean cassoulet, celery, carrot, apple sausage -  

Beautiful vegans in a gorgeous setting with lively spirits, amazing food and grand celebration!

Thank you Seed!

1 comment:

quarrygirl said...

ahhhhh i can't wait to try this place!

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