19 October 2011

Healthy Tempeh Reuben Sandwich

I went on a 16.5 mile hike about two weeks ago in the Santa Monica Mountains.  I packed Galaxy Granola and some vegan gummies.  It was more than enough calories to power me through the hike, but I longed for a sandwich.  We decided to make some healthy ruebens.  We didn't end up finding a good rye bread at the grocery store and just went with a rye containing bread (bread was soso). 

All you really need is;
  • Bubbies Sauerkraut
  • Tempeh (we tried the lemon pepper marinade from Tofurkey)
  • rye bread (a good marbled one would be best) (no oil)
  • a mix of ketchup, mustard and something interested (we used a marinade)  You could use fat free vegan mayo
  • tomato
Step one, put the tempeh strips on a nonstick pan.  They heat up in about 2 minutes each side.

Toast the bread, mix up your rueben sauce, apply with the sauerkraut.

The sandwich was extremely delicious.  I'm going on the hike again soon so I'll probably pack one!

The gorgeous views up on the back bone trail, Santa Monica Mountains.

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