16 October 2011

Low Fat Vegan Yogurt @ Milkys

Ever since Ice Pan left for Vegas we've been longing for a low fat vegan frozen treat.  Though, with a name like Milky's, we were first a little worried, but the owner is extremely knowledgeable about veganism and uses simple quality ingredients.  I feel bad for the little cow in Milky's logo, but the soy beans are really cute. 

Milky's is sold by weight.  Grab one of the vegan cups and you can choose between the four flavors of the day. 
There are three self serve handles on each machine, the middle one swirls the two flavors  in that bay together. You can also choose from a few vegan toppings, mostly fruit.
The chocolate and caramel are my favorite. 
The ingredients are simple, organic soy milk, a rice binder and flavoring plus probiotics.  The softserve style yogurt is delightfully light and filling, without the cracked out feeling you get from the intense sugar high from Chicago Soy Dairy softserve. 
1429 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035


Unknown said...

i've never seen KK look so serious!

Tanya said...

I want one of those here!!! Looks so good. Haven't gone out for softserve/frozen yogurt in ages :(

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