23 April 2012

Super Simple Oil Free Brownies

My mom and I have been trying to perfect a simple quick and easy low fat brownie recipe for some time.  Unfortunately, with every attempt using gluten free mixes our oil free brownies would turn out gross and chewy with a very rancid odd taste.  Finally, my mother and I came to the conclusion that gluten was the missing ingredient to achieve our ideal brownie texture and taste.  That's when Dr. Oetker Organics Organic Brownie Mix came to the rescue!  It's a absolutely fabulous organic mix that can be purchased at most Whole Foods or local markets, if you can't find it in your area there's always Amazon!

Dr. Oetker Organics Organic Brownie Mix 1 6 oz. ~ Vanilla soy yogurt
1 tsp. ~Baking powder
1 Tb. ~ Water

*the package calls for 1/4 c. butter & two large eggs.. GROSS!!! 


Pre-heated 350 oven, 325 for a dark shiny metal pan

Mix all ingredients till moistened 

 Spread into a parchment lined 8x8 pan

Bake for 30-35 mins

Cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar


Unknown said...

Thank you for this recipe!! I can't wait to try these not-so-fatty brownies! :)

Unknown said...

We had to try a lot of nasty, grainy, undercooked brownies to get to these! They are absolutely fantastic!

Lex said...

I wish I could have been there to eat all the mistakes!

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