26 July 2012

Amitable - An Oil-Free Restaurant in Chicago

Being in constant search of healthy vegan food a certain restaurant has been on my radar for over 10 years...  Through various errors on many trips to Chicago I have never made it to Amitabul, one of the only OIL-FREE restaurants on the planet.  
FINALLY, while attending my first all vegan wedding I had paramount on my todo -visiting Amitabul.  It was everything I had dreamed of, but I was so sad that I've wasted 10 years of not eating there!  I just still can't believe an oil-free establishment like this has existed since the late 90s...  Chef Bill was fantastic, the food insanely tasty and spicy.  Korean food is my favorite on the planet.  I love KimChi and the sweet and spicy flavor combination.   
Kristin and I both opted for a cooked Kim Chi dish.  I've only ever eaten it cold, so Kim Chi & rice/noodles and veggies was a no brainer.  We also started off with steamed dumplings.  Amitabul does use flavor oils like sesame, but just request w/o if your menu item has them.  Everything is steam fried!
  Mandoo Vegan Dumpling (12 pc.)  It was so nice to split open a plate of vegan dumplings and not see piles of oil spill out!  These were delicious and made better so with the house dipping sauces.
 Kimchi Tofu Stir Noodle (minus tofu / no flavor oils)
Spicy and tangy flavor of Amitabul’s Original kimchi steamed stirred with chunks of healthy tofu and veggies to fulfill your desire of a s spicy noodle dish. Choice of rice or wheat noodle
I was so full after the dumplings I could barely put a dent in this dish, but it was so good and spicy I drank about three glasses of water trying.  I boxed it up and polished it off in the hotel room later that night, it was even better later!  Oh how I wish I was there now trying the rest of the menu! 
Amitabul Resturant
6207 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60646
Phone: (773) 774–0276




Eco-Vegan Gal said...

wow, that looks so delicious and it made me really hungry! Wish I had known about that while in Chicago. Really felt sick after over-indulging at The Chicago Diner...

Lex said...

haha, you'd regret not going to town at Chicago Diner more! Needless to say we have a blog post coming up on the insanely healthy meal they served us!

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