21 August 2012

Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine ZERO FAT Hummus & Spreads

o·a·sis/ōˈāsis/ Noun:
 1. A fertile spot in a desert where water is found.
 2. A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation.

     This is a story about an Oasis in the midwest. Being from St. Louis, I can definitely tell you the midwest at times can fit the definition of a difficult and troubled place, a barren desert of healthless food options... Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine offers us exactly what their name implies and more. When so many companies load their products with fats/oils processed garbage Oasis supplies healing food in the midst of grocery stores aisles of death and disease, finding a container of Oasis Zero Fat Hummus (four flavors!), Lentil Dip or Black Bean dip is akin to finding water in the desert. OMG we can EAT! Our favorite way to enjoy Oasis's amazing spreads is simply with a roll or slices of sourdough bread.
Oasis has been in business for a quarter of a century and is available in 30+ states! It is amazing that a father and son company from Toledo, OH can not only produce such healthy and high quality foods, but have been doing so for so long and their reach so far and myself having missed the boat for so many of those years!  My current mission is to help get every grocery store near my house carrying Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine and I suggest you do the same.  Its simple, just go to your local grocery and tell them please please carry Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine Zero Fat Hummus, Black Bean and Lentil Dip. They'll check with their distributor and if its on the truck they'll likely add it to the shelves. The more often you ask and remind them more likely you'll have this life saving Hummus :)

    Kristin and I will split a container and a few slices of bread for lunch. We'll put the spreads over baked potatoes, dip raw veggies, make pita pockets, the uses are endless and all the spreads are made from FRESH INGREDIENTS. I'm sorry that CAN of chicpeas that's been soaking in brine does NOT make hummus like Oasis in your food processor. Its like dipping into magic, this is how food should taste. Don't believe me? Try for yourself!!! What are your favorite ways to use zero fat hummus? HOW ABOUT ON A BEET BURGER? @ $2.99 its one inexpensive lunch!  YES YOU CAN EAT THE ENTIRE CARTON, IT IS OK!!!
UPDATE!!!  We can now get Oasis @ Erewhon in West Hollywood!!!  They special order it and when it hits the shelves the entire staff says its gone in an instant!  Its $3.39 - $3.69


Roia said...

I discovered the Lentil Dip and the Hummus in the organic section of my grocery store a few months ago, and I started buying them. They're very nice (although I think I like the lentil dip best), and they taste quite good. So I'm going to add to your endorsement, if I may. :- )

Lex said...

Roia thank you so much for your added endorsement! Everyone needs to know how awesome & easy these are!

Anonymous said...

Lentil dip is by far the BEST.

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